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-Fresh flooding in Croft

Village History

Croft, Dinsdale,
Hurworth, Neasham, and Middleton


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Our community pages are moving to a new site at These pages will remain here for the time being, but will no longer be updated.

Croft on Tees Millenium Book,
a collection of photographs and articles from the village of Croft on Tees, Richmondshire to celebrate the Millennium year.
More details and purchasing information

Read about the history of Friars Pardon

Hurworth Grange - Local community centre on the web.

More Flooding in Croft and Neasham- we are bored
with showing pictures of muddy water swirling around
houses and are greatly relieved
that we didn't buy that house in Neasham.

Lost in Hurworth - ~65 Appleby's

Margaret Newton celebrates her 60th Birthday

The little Rudds - latest photo's

Nells Gate blocked!!!

Art Gallery presented by local artist,

Hurworth page and maps, amenities,

Stroll along the river bank with us, learn about the Five Villages and something of their history as we explore the local area.

Hurworth Guestbook

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